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Catherine is regularly asked to share her insight and expertise, often bringing elite athletes with her to provide a truly unforgettable experience for the audience.

Catherine’s Panel appearances include a number of prominent events both in sport and business, including the trailblazing Women in Sport event in the Long Room at Lords, and a recent Leadership event in the City jointly run by Deloitte and Goldman Sachs.

Catherine has delivered keynotes and talks at venues ranging from the Bank of England through to the inaugural UK Coaching Conference. Attendees regularly applaud her ability to provide practical and applicable advice, together with the impetus to drive real change.

We had an excellent day yesterday, very much helped by an outstanding contribution from your good self. I can honestly say that our audience feedback on your talk was glowing. The subject matter of sport translating to business and vice-versa always captures the imagination of that type of audience, but it was your delivery and personal insight that really made it. Can I thank you in a very sincere way for all of your hard work yesterday.
— Mark Wilson, Senior Manager Strategy, CYBG


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