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transforming teams

The simple things make the biggest difference. 

We’ve condensed science, research and insight from sport and business to create a series of clear steps that drive performance and create effective, dynamic teams.

Work with us for

  • Purpose and direction

  • Knowing yourself and your team

  • Values, attitudes and behaviours

  • Leveraging strengths and diversity

Excellent and very thought-provoking. It’s clear that today was the start of a journey for the team - and everyone is committed to it.
— Delegate from Westminster Active on our One Team One Dream Programme

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our unique blend

Mixing things up keeps it interesting - and drives messages home in fresh ways. 

You’ll get

  • Initial and continued consultancy to keep everyone on track

  • Behavioural profiles

  • Workshops

  • Keynote speeches

Our world class athletes bring fresh insight and vivid inspiration. And we’ll reinforce the programme with case studies from sport and other high-performing environments - and your own real life workplace scenarios.

The sessions were engaging, inspiring and informative. There was an excellent balance between theory and practice, which the team thoroughly enjoyed.
— Tanya Etheridge, Vice President Corporate Counsel at PGIM Real Estate



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How can I best harness all the great people and skills in my team?
Sports psychology has a lot to offer here. Putting the focus on improvements and approaching conflict with a spirit of collaboration are just two clear changes you can make. Get more insight here: 
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Is there a secret formula to a high performing team?  
Culture is a fascinating topic and if you get the culture right, your perfect team will often self-select. Read what Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had to say about it here: 
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What is organisational culture, and what drives it?  
We’ve found that we can inspire management teams until the cows come home - but if the company culture won’t support it, all that development is a waste of time. Discover how to drive it here:
 Organisational culture: Does it matter and what drives it?