Emotional Intelligence Podcasts

Listed below are the ConnectedCoaches Emotional Intelligence podcasts with contributions from Sport and Beyond.

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1. Emotional Intelligence is integral to becoming a great coach

Understanding the concept of emotional intelligence (EI) can help coaches boost performance levels and grow and sustain participation in sport. So get your brain in gear as we explore what it is and how developing your EI will help you get the best out of your athletes.

2. The inside story: The value of Self awareness as a tool for improvement

A little introspection can go a long way. By exploring your emotions and understanding your inner self, you WILL improve your coaching. The benefits of practising self-awareness and getting some valuable ‘insider knowledge’ are such that you really cannot afford to ignore this advice from ConnectedCoaches content champion Catherine Baker.

3. Dealing with feelings: The importance of getting your heard around emotion perception

Emotion perception is a key component of emotional intelligence. In the third chapter of the series with behavioural expert and ConnectedCoaches content champion Catherine Baker, we explore the inner world of emotions, and discover how recognising and managing them in yourself and others can significantly improve your coaching.

4. How to develop behavioural agility in your coaching to get the best out of yourself and your coaches

In part four of the series on emotional intelligence, we look at recognising when to dial up and dial down your emotions because this can be key to getting the best out of your performers.

5. Smells like Team spirit: How to create a winning culture through the use of Emotional Intelligence

Developing a positive team environment, with tight social bonds between players and coaching staff, is instrumental to sustained success. In part five of the emotional intelligence series with ConnectedCoaches content champion Catherine Baker we explore the important role empathy, relationships and social awareness play in establishing the perfect club climate.

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