To Boldly Go – Our Middle School Programme

Empowering students to drive their own futures in the right direction.


Year 10 students are at a crossroads in their education, about to move into young adulthood and often unsure of who they are.  This unique programme:

  • energises and differentiates students to assess their strengths;
  • provides insight for students that is immediately applicable to their day to day life at school, as well as to their future; and
  • helps to equip them with the attitudes and mindset that can drive their success.


The programme consists of a behavioural profiling exercise, carried out online by the students, followed up by a workshop.

The profile used is the Thomas International PPA+, which focuses on behaviours ‘at work’. It is BPS registered, with approximately 1.5million being carried out each year. 

Each student receives an analysis of their preferred work behaviour patterns, as well as their patterns under pressure, along with key words specific to them which can aid their CV and personal statement writing. 

The workshop enables students to understand and interpret their reports, and specifically to gain awareness of and confidence in how they operate, with relevant links made to:

  • the short term (studies and exams);
  • the medium term (personal statements and interviews); and
  • the longer term (strengths they can bring to the workplace).

The workshop also covers some key attitude and mindset concepts that will help the students drive their sustained success, both at school and in the longer term, including:

  • recognising and building on their strengths;
  • perseverance; and
  • resilience.

Who are we

Our mission is to partner with organisations that are serious about developing their people. We are a training and consulting company, with a focus on helping clients achieve their goals by developing their most important asset – their people. For schools, this means their students.

Why Sport and Beyond

  • We are passionate about helping young people feel confident in taking responsibility for their futures.
  • The expertise we bring from the corporate, sport and education worlds enhances the knowledge base and expertise in our delivery.
  • We work hard to build long-term relationships, recognising the benefits this brings to both sides, and the positive impact this can have on ensuring our services are continuously aligned with client needs.
  • We run all our workshops in accordance with the key Sport and Beyond training principles:
    • the right environment;
    • the right content;
    • insight driven delivery;
    • the power of the group;
    • focus on practical and sustained learning.

What Parents have said?

“It’s good to see that the school is interested in the individual and not just concerned about academic grades.”

“Understanding my child’s traits and character in an innovative and interesting way.”

 “My child has gained increased self-awareness and it has boosted their confidence.”

“It has made them think more about what they might be better suited to, rather than just what they want to do.”