right people, right career

Finding and keeping the right people is vital. We’ll help you create a focused and rigorous approach to who’s on your bus and how you drive their development. 

We’ll hone in on the attitudes, behaviours and skills needed, to drive performance.

Work with us for

  • Recruitment and onboarding

  • Employee development

  • Senior management and leadership training

Catherine was able to engage and gain the respect of everyone in the group- not an easy task! Sport and Beyond has helped our leaders to better understand the importance of engaging and motivating their teams.
— Zoe Robinson, managing partner, Raworths

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our unique blend

We don’t have a rigid method that we shoehorn everyone into. We’ll find the best combination for the results you want for your organisation.

You’ll get

  • Initial and continued consultancy to keep everyone on track

  • Behavioural profiles

  • Onboarding training

  • Executive coaching

  • Workshops

  • Keynote speeches

Mixed into all this, our world class athletes bring fresh insight and vivid inspiration.

Really interesting material which I will definitely follow up on. Provided valuable tool set I can take and apply in work.
— HSBC delegate from our Embedding a High Performing Mindset programme



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What can help us keep our best people?
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How can we help our senior managers understand how to lead successful teams? 
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How can we embed a performance mindset in our people? 
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Why do you call emotional intelligence a game changer?
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