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Whatever excellence looks like in your field of work and whatever your goals are, the right attitudes, behaviours and skills drive performance.

We bring a unique blend of techniques and insight from sport and business to help your people understand who they are, focus on their strengths and goals and then to excel at what they do. 

Our robust assessments are relevant and clear and we’ll build bespoke programmes designed to fine tune attitudes, behaviours, skills and motivation.

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Since we started working with Sport and Beyond, everybody has improved. They are better at their jobs and more comfortable in how they operate in the workplace.
— Marc Tobias, managing director, DMJ


The beating heart of sport (and business) is always the people. The professionalisation of sport continues apace.

Organisations, coaches and competitors need to grasp that extra edge to make the winning difference. 

Using cutting edge knowledge and insights from business and research, we’ll make sure you stay ahead of the game. 

Together, using a blend of consultancy and workshops, we’ll help you build a pathway for success. 

The most interesting training course I’ve ever taken part in. The two days were absolutely brilliant and have given me tools that I will take into sessions with the DKHT and everyday life
— Kelvin Batey, BMX world champion and DKHT mentor


It’s a competitive world out there. If your students, teachers and leaders are going to succeed, they need an effective, lasting and nurturing competitive edge. Is this your vision?

We bring a unique blend of trusted and cost-effective techniques from education, sport and business to help you develop, motivate and empower both staff and students.

Our programmes inspire resilience in your students and help them realise their potential.

And when it comes to your staff, we’ll work with new and established leaders to build effective team values and a growth mindset.

We’ve worked with some of the country’s leading schools and universities, building on our depth of experience and expertise. Will you join our team? 

The students were filled with self-awareness, they knew their strengths, they knew how they were unique, and they understood who they were. They have greater confidence as leaders of their teams.
— A teacher from one of our recent To Boldly Go programmes.