'Powering the Missing Piece' Programme


Schools spend a huge amount of time on the technical and tactical aspects of their students’ sport. But how much time is spent on the game changing area of mindset? This Programme:

  • provides insight for students on what a high performing attitude and mindset looks like;
  • helps to equip them with tools and techniques to put them into practice; and
  • energises and differentiates the students to assess their behavioural strengths.


The Programme consists of a series of interactive one-hour workshops spread over the course of an academic year. The Programme covers proven facets of mindset that drive success such as growth mindset, resilience, motivation, confidence and focus.  


Each facet is broken down for the students in easy to understand ways.  Each area is then reinforced with illustrations from high performance sport. Students are given tools and techniques to put the concepts into practice. Each student also undertakes a robust and sports specific behavioural profile (also used by world class athletes).

Why Sport and Beyond

We are experts in the attitude and behavioural aspects of performance. We use the insights from the world class athletes we work with to drive people’s performance across the business, sport and education markets. In our team we have qualified coaches and years of experience of private school sport.

”Connected Coaches has worked with Catherine and her team on a variety of projects over the last 18 months…We have been delighted by the reaction of our community to the work with Sport and Beyond.”

Rob Maaye, Community Manager.