'One Team, One Dream' Programme


The more effectively a Senior Management Team works together, the more positive the outcomes for their organisation.  Cutting edge research has shown that there is science behind high performing teams.


A programme that equips Senior Management Teams with the understanding, strategies and toolkit to operate and interact in a high performing way.  Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of key concepts that underpin successful teams. The programme uses insight from academic research, professional sport and cutting edge business.


  • Initial consultancy on key issues for YOUR team;
  • Day 1 Training – an interactive full day workshop in which team members will gain a deeper understanding of the strengths and ways of operating within the team; apply this understanding; and analyse and discuss key concepts that produce team behaviours and norms that drive high performance.
  • Day 2 Training – an interactive full or half day workshop which acts as a check and challenge from Day 1.

Why Sport and Beyond

We are experts on what drives high performing teams.  We have supported clients across the business, professional services and sport sectors, and with experienced school ‘management’ in our team, we are now being increasingly asked to support the education sector in this field. Our first step is to ask questions and listen, to ensure we understand YOUR particular needs.  

A huge thank you both for an excellent day..I felt we really achieved something by the end of it!”

Andy Durrant, Head of Sport, Leisure and Wellbeing, Westminster Active.