'Leading Successful Teams' Programme


Leading teams requires a different skillset from the day job of being an excellent teacher.  Getting this right can have an exponentially positive impact on a school. Getting it wrong can cause countless problems.  This programme is innovative, different, and has a proven track record of success. 


A Programme for department heads and other senior team leaders that equips them with the understanding, strategies and toolkit to manage their teams in a high performing way.  Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of key concepts that underpin successful leadership. The programme uses insight from academic research, professional sport and cutting edge business.


A one day interactive workshop, followed by a half day ‘check and challenge’ session. 

Why Sport and Beyond

We are experts on the attitudes and behaviours needed to get the best out of teams.  We have supported clients across the business, professional services and sport sectors, and with experienced school ‘management’ in our team are now being increasingly asked to support the education sector in this field.  

”Not only do we enjoy working with the team at Sport and Beyond, we have found huge value from our continuing relationship…key benefits have included improving our ability as directors to manage, and get the best out of, our people.”

Marc Tobias, Co-Founder and Director, DMJ Recruitment.