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giving teams and organisations the edge

Directing energy in the best way possible can transform lives and drive people to achieve their very best performance. 

We work with school and university students, supporting them through their education, into the world of work. And we also support organisations who want to make sure they’re on track for sustained success. 

Work with us for 

  • Vision, mission and values (organisations)

  • Shaping your future (individuals)

Helping students understand how they can perform even better is paramount in their personal growth. The workshop was incredibly thought-provoking and has had a profound effect.
— Jack Kavanagh, Nottingham University

sample programme


our unique blend

We’ll put together a tailor-made programme for your needs, drawn from our own mix of

  • Initial and continued consultancy to keep everyone on track

  • Workshops

  • Behavioural profiles

I just wanted to say thank you for all your support this year. You have really helped me move things forwards with the FCN. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.
— Vicky Huyton, founder, Female Coaching Network



any questions?



How can I identify and maximise the potential of my students?
We’re committed to helping people maximise their potential. But how do you spot that potential in the first place? We can bring various techniques - find out more here:
Recognising and maximising potential.


How can I get the most out of my students? 
In a busy day, students have to switch frequently from room to room, subject to subject, teaching style to teaching style. Discover the secret to helping them to their best performance:


What are my strengths? I am often asked to answer this question and I find it really difficult to recognise what they are.
It’s a common issue. Before we can hit our peak performance we need to know who we are and how to build on what we’re great at. Start with a few pointers here:
Building your confidence to drive your performance.


My students have huge potential, how can I help them achieve this?
The relationship between natural ability and effort is a fascinating one. Teachers are increasingly learning to foster a growth mindset and to teach resilience in the face of failure. We’ve summed up some key points here: 
A resilient approach.