How does THRIVE drive happier, healthier staff?


The THRIVE framework, anchored on the concept of marginal gains, drives health, wellbeing and performance in the workplace. But how? Well let’s follow Helen’s story….

Helen is at the start of her career. She is full of enthusiasm, and has a real sense of purpose around the profession she has entered (and trained for). She feels positive, excited and full of life.

When we meet Helen two years later, she is a very different person. She is tired, downbeat, stressed and really struggling with the challenges she has encountered in her role. We are so concerned that we ask Helen to spend 30 minutes explaining how she has reached this state.

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“Time – I never seem to have enough of it. I feel overwhelmed with all that I have to do. I know I don’t look after myself as well as I should, and so my energy levels and performance at work are not as good as they should be. I find it hard to maintain a positive mindset, and get more bothered than I should be by the setbacks I face. I struggle to create the impact I would like, and have forgotten what inspired me to enter this profession. I feel like my Values don’t align as they should with my employers and so struggle with my sense of purpose and meaning. I keep hearing about how important emotional intelligence is in the workplace, but I don’t really understand what it is and don’t have any tools to develop in this area. I am so disappointed to be in this state, and feel like I might have to quit the profession that I entered with such enthusiasm and intent.”

Now Helen could be a teacher. Or she could be a lawyer. Both professions are facing these issues, with a resulting impact on recruitment and retention. In fact she is a lawyer, and this conversation, along with many similar ones, led us to create our THRIVE Programme. The Modular Programme provides tools and techniques to make marginal gains which add up to happier, healthier staff, driving performance and retention. The Modules cover:

  • Time;

  • Health;

  • Resilience;

  • Impact and Inspiration;

  • Values; and

  • Emotional Intelligence.

The Programme is tailored to each sector, developed and delivered by experienced professionals.

To be part of the THRIVE family, and commit to the wellbeing and health of your staff, you can speak to us on 01904 737 007 or email – &

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