ATLAS: A mindset programme for corporate teams


Delivering workshops and programmes to high performing teams is an absolute art. Building and maintaining rapport, engaging and challenging delegates, while appreciating the value of their time and the pressures they face on a daily basis. That is why we are so pleased Ricky Virdee has joined our team of associate deliverers.


With over 15 years' experience of leading and delivering training programmes for international banks, recruitment consultancies and SME’s, Ricky brings with him a wealth of valuable insight on helping teams and organisations to improve. We asked Ricky to share his thoughts on the following questions...

1. What are some of the common themes you help corporate clients to overcome when looking to improve their teams?

A great question. From my experience, the most common themes would be:

Improving individual and team mindsets, overcoming any limiting thoughts and outdated behaviours.

Clarifying and effectively communicating the business strategy, gaining everyone’s commitment.

Shifting behaviours to deliver results.

Irrespective of role or industry, our mindset is key to how we perform. Helping clients become more self-aware and embed a more purposeful mindset, allows individuals to consistently achieve improved results. This offers individuals and teams to become more adaptable, creative, increase choice and continuously raise the bar.

2. You have a vast amount of experience in helping to develop people and teams within organisations. What key lessons can you share with our readers?

Whilst there are many, I would propose the following as most important:

Clarity: Being clear about the strategy, core values and required linked behaviours. This allows individuals to focus, know what is expected and create a culture of high performing teams. When this is clearly communicated and embedded throughout the business, it enables each and every person to fully understand how they contribute and add value.

Communication: Businesses that effectively adapt their communication, develop highly motivated, proactive and results driven teams. Additionally, this generates a culture of inclusion and a business that retains its best people. Externally with clients, this enables businesses to cultivate long lasting sustainable relationships and trust.

Adaptability: In a world where change is inevitable, the most successful businesses and best performing teams are those that adapt to change quickly and adopt a solution led mindset when faced with challenges or setbacks. We know the world continuously changes, which requires us to be able to change, and as we change, the world around us changes.

Accountability: Individuals and teams that hold themselves and each other accountable, create an environment where everyone achieves more, standards are raised and results are achieved. This is extremely important following any training, as the implementation and momentum can only be sustained through continuous support, follow up and accountability.

3. What have you seen as the key benefits from Sport and Beyond's ATLAS Mindset Programme?

The ATLAS Mindset programme is immensely powerful as it offers a training set-up like no other experienced. A programme where delegates are provided personal profile reports, detailing their behavioural preferences and how they modify their behaviours at work and under pressure. This is then complimented with research led tools and techniques that provides each attendee the ‘how-to’ techniques to achieve results… and it doesn’t end there. The whole programme is supported by a World Class athlete, bringing to life all the concepts covered.

Everyone who attends benefits from the insight into their own behaviours, proven tools and techniques to apply straight away, and an experience for life.

To discuss an ATLAS Mindset programme for your team, you can call us on 01904 737 007 or if you would prefer to submit an enquiry, please use our Contact page.

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