Key takeaways for the Education Sector


Matt Messias. Inspirational school leader. Former FIFA International and FA Premier League football referee. And the newest member of the team at Sport and Beyond.

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Can you tell we are excited to have Matt as part of our team?! Matt brings huge value to our Education arm, as well as the wider business, and so to our clients.

We have summed Matt up in 3 words: progressive; inspirational; and committed. Matt's insights below indicate further what he adds to our client team.

The Education sector is facing significant challenges at the moment.  What do you think are the key areas that both staff and students need support in?

According to latest research, more teachers are leaving the profession than ever before, and I believe that ‘teacher stress’ is the major issue. Therefore, schools need a whole-organisation approach to support teachers’ emotional resilience, mental health and wellbeing so that they can passionately teach and connect without unnecessary stressors. How teachers feel on a daily basis is likely to affect their performance and in turn, the performance of the children they teach. Happier, motivated teachers make students feel happier, motivated and more confident to face life’s challenges!

Students also need support to develop a positive mental health mindset to enable them to survive and thrive in what is an increasingly complex and competitive work environment. The world of work is changing, and we need to harness the creativity and innovation of our children to enable them to adapt and apply their knowledge for the next stage of their lives. Future employers will need individuals who can problem-solve, communicate effectively, show leadership skills, work collaboratively and be reflective, independent learners too. It is no longer acceptable to teach for a life of tests- we need to teach children to prepare for the tests of life.

What 3 key lessons that you've learnt add most value to clients you work with?

1. Principle/Relationships-focussed leadership. This involves everyone taking responsibility for results, in taking initiative, having a clear vision and strategy, consistently executing on priorities and developing positive working relationships with all stakeholders.

2. Culture precedes performance. Educational leadership should be all about developing a cohesive culture: building and maintaining great relational trust and communication with colleagues, students, parents and governors; setting high expectations and standards, fostering the kind of ethos and culture that will promote excellence and the highest attainment for all students. This can only result in successful student outcomes. In a sporting context, it is doing everything required to win!

3. Leave your ego at the door! To keep improving we need to continually test ourselves and not worry what other people think of us.

What inspired you to come and work at Sport and Beyond? 

Sport and the lessons that I have learnt from being in and around elite sport for most of my working life has helped shape the values that I live and work by. Sport and Beyond is a company that shares the same values-everything they do is about developing people and teams to drive high performance. I am therefore delighted to have this opportunity to learn, contribute and develop my skills with a like-minded organisation. I am very excited!

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