Is Self awareness important?

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Can you articulate your strengths in the work place? What difference does self awareness make to students and staff in education? And why is it important?

“Before you can be someone, you have to know who you are.” (A powerful statement from Robert Dilts.) You are your strengths and your weaknesses . If you can articulate your strengths, you understand better. If you understand, you feel more confident in your behaviour.

Knowing your strengths helps you have direction for your future; as a student looking beyond school; as an undergraduate looking for their first job; and as a teacher considering their next career development.

Encouraging people to become more self aware creates higher performing and happier people. It helps bond teams together. So that’s why its so important at school, at university, at work.

If you want to stay ahead of the game, and future proof success, consider self awareness as the first step. To Boldy Go is an innovative and unique solution from Sport and Beyond. We bring insight, research and expertise from the worlds of sport and business to help schools understand how to meet these challenges, for their staff and students. If you’d like to start the process of finding out more please get in touch with Nicky at

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