Leading Successful Departments


When I was promoted to Head of Department I received a pay rise, a better job title but no training on leadership or the management of successful teams. What a difference it would have made if I had had access to this information, and had been given some best practice tools and techniques to use.

Managing people requires reflection and thought. Here is a snap shot of some ideas we considered last week in our work shop of key skills for effective management.

Consider the weekly team meeting – What is its purpose? How can you enable everyone to gain the most from this valuable team time? Do you make everyone feel welcome? Do you run an effective agenda? Teachers’ time is short because they are so busy so make this time enjoyable, effective and worthwhile – it makes such a difference to the team if they look forward to team meetings.

And what about delegation? Why delegate when it’s easier to do the job yourself? Why delegate because if they get it wrong it’s more time for you? Well why not delegate to grow your team, to empower your teachers because in the long term it will help you and your team to grow?

How often do you performance manage (PM) your team? Is it once a year because the head of CPD told you to? What is the purpose of performance reviews? To tick a box? To do your job? Effectively planned PM is ongoing, far more often than once a year. It’s about knowing your staff, helping them grow and develop throughout the year. It also means no nasty surprises for you or them. It results in a quick and easy annual tick box for the head of CPD to see and means that your team feel that PM is about them.

As a head of department how confident are you about decision making? When is it easy to make decisions? When is it difficult?  We look at best practice in decision making and its effect on you and your team.

At Sport and Beyond everything we do is about developing people and for schools this is your staff and your students. With our depth of experience and expertise in leading successful teams we would like to share these ideas with your school. For more information contact: nickyh@sportandbeyond.co.uk or call 01904 737007. 

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