A Springboard to your success

Self-awareness and understanding is a key starting point for all that we do at Sport and Beyond.  We particularly like this phrase from Robert Dilts: “Before you can be someone you need to know who you are.”

But, and this is a big but, we don’t just leave it there -  we encourage and help you to use that knowledge to fulfil your potential. 

Emotional intelligence is a phrase that gets defined in many different ways.  Understanding emotions and preventing them from swamping the ‘ability to think’; empathising with others; understanding one’s behaviours. 

We like to think of it as the springboard to fulfil your potential.  Or, in longer form, the ability to understand yourself and other people, and the capacity to use this knowledge to achieve your goals.

Let’s think of athletes; why is emotional intelligence so vital to them?

Athletes know that the ability to understand and control their emotions is critical to success.  An awareness of how they are on an emotional level, and what their emotional behaviours are and why, can enable them to work on and develop their behavioural agility in order to achieve their goals.  Not just that, but an ability to perceive emotions in others, such as opponents, can be a key factor in success.

What about leaders?

Above all, a leader needs to be effective. There are many facets that go into this, but a key one is an understanding of their own emotional intelligence. This enables leaders to drill down and work out what is effective for them, and what isn’t. For the behaviour that isn’t working for them, they can then look to change that, and so become behaviourally agile.

So it's about awareness and understanding, backed up by targeted training and development. The result - the ability to fulfil your potential.   

Catherine BAKERComment