One simple step...

“One simple step to becoming better at what you do”

You have to admit that this beats “How to lose a stone in 10 days” as a January headline…..

But how can this work in practice? How can one step make the difference?

Well, if we’re being entirely honest, strictly it’s more than one step.  The one step that you take requires a few conditions to be in place first.

Ready to find out what those might be?

  • a willingness to work hard;
  • an open mind;
  • a desire to learn and develop; and
  • being prepared to set goals and targets, and be measured against them.

Still with us? Great.

So what’s the step? Using tools that develop your self-awareness and understanding. 

Why is this so key? Because greater self-awareness and understanding => a focus of your energies in an appropriate and directed way, which => you becoming better at what you do. 

How does this work? Let’s look at our 3 strands: sport; relaunch; and leadership.


An understanding by a coach of their working strengths can help them focus their energies on leveraging and developing those strengths. “I’m really good at motivating and influencing people so within my coaching team I should be focusing on that area and developing my skills”. “My preference is for focusing on the technical side of things, so I shall work hard on that”. “I am a really good listener”. “I like making decisions and am confident directing people”.  “I don’t like working to set rules and procedures so I need to try and develop as much independence as I can in my role”. 

What about for an athlete? “I am motivated by public praise and recognition so need to factor that in to my training and development plan.” “I like structure and routine and will perform much better under those kinds of conditions.” “My preferred method of communication is by talking”. “My biggest fear is insecurity.”


What about when athletes are moving on to their next careers? Often it takes them far longer than it should to say “I am”, rather than “I was”. This can be because they have, in their energetic, committed and dedicated way, gone tearing off in totally the wrong direction, into a role and environment to which they are completely unsuited.  What about if they took a very simple, 8-10 minute, on-line assessment, one which has been rigorously tested, used for over 30 years, and of which 1.5million are carried out every year? This would give them a clear indication of the kind of roles and environments to which they would be suited. Meaning that they went down the right path from the get go.  And got to utilise and leverage all those great skills and qualities that they have, in the right role.

And this applies not just to athletes, but to anyone looking to set off in a new career direction.


What about those looking to develop their leadership capabilities. What underpins any great leadership development programme? Understanding and self-awareness. Three simple assessments, indicating your natural working behaviours and strengths, your emotional intelligence, and the speed with which you process information, give you the platform to work from. You can then focus your energies in the right areas and ensure that you work hard to develop against a targeted development plan.  

As a bonus, once you understand these issues from your perspective, you can learn to understand your team members better. How they tick. How they can best be motivated.  How you should communicate with them.  How they are likely to behave under pressure. 

Worth looking into? We think so.  And if you do, we'd be very happy to help. 


Catherine BAKERComment