Empowering Students For The Future


Do young people know their strengths? At the start of 2017 teachers and university staff approached us for help. Their students were struggling to articulate who they were and how to use their strengths in the academic and educational work place. As a result, we developed our “To Boldly Go” programme.

From undergraduates to Year 10 students, young people have begun their journey of self-awareness and growth mindset through the Sport and Beyond programme. Book early for 2018 if you want to discover the value for your students – as one teacher said: “The difference in the students is transformational – their confidence in themselves has driven their work and their attitude to new heights.”

But it has not stopped there – at Ampleforth College – we are delivering a set of programmes to drive their Sports talent programme. The five session workshops drive down into values, motivation, attitude, growth mindset. The aim being to embed a new set of behaviours in their sport to complement their games and physiology programmes.

Such was the feedback from the students to their teachers in other subjects that the teachers want the video and to attend the next sessions! It really is Sport …. And Beyond at Ampleforth College. 

For more information on this programme contact us on info@sportandbeyond.co.uk or 01904 737 007.