Don’t lower your expectations to meet your performance. Raise your level of performance to meet your expectations
— Ralph Marston


What makes an exceptional coach? The people side. 

Time and time again the answer comes down to this, the people side.  This is the bit that excites us. Through our assessments, programmes and skills training, we can drive coaches to attain that extra edge that can make all the difference. A coach can have all the technical skills and knowledge in the world, but if they don’t get the behavioural side right, it falls to nothing.


We Help Coaches
Understand | Focus | Excel.

  • Assessments – simple, robust, immediately applicable to their role and their development.
  • Progammes built around these to drive application and high performance.
  • Insight driven skills training.

Focused, targeted investment to ensure coaches fulfil their potential.

“In this session I did the personality profiling but with Catherine we went into much greater detail. We had to do a test in advance of the training to get the most accurate results - the findings were incredibly useful, and we also looked at how best to work with others, how to communicate effectively etc, based on their personalities.” 

Jenna Downing, World Champion Inline Skater, Coach and Dame Kelly Holmes Trust Athlete Mentor.

“I can't recommend enough the work they do around in educating coaches on the topic of Emotional Intelligence.  This is an area which is rarely (if ever) mentioned in traditional coach education, but is critical for the development not only of successful coach - athlete relationships, but in developing the person behind the coach.  A greater understanding of this topic is essential in creating successful athletes and teams."

Vicky Hyton, Coach and founder of Female Coaching Network

Thank you Nicola and Catherine for what was the most interesting training course I've ever taken part in.
 As I'm sure you’ve experienced yourself, training days can be extremely monotonous and brain numbing at times but the 2 days you delivered were absolutely brilliant and have given me tools that I will take into sessions with the DKHT and everyday life.

Kelvin Batey, BMX World Champion and DKHT mentor