The greatest danger is not that we aim too high and miss, but that we aim too low and reach it.
— Michelangelo



Choosing a new career: A daunting prospect & an exciting challenge. 

There are many issues that go into the process, but we know from our clients that these are key.

  • An appreciation of the strengths the individuals bring to the workplace. 
  •  A clear understanding of what types of roles and environments will suit them and help ensure they maximise their potential.


We help clients
Understand | Focus | Excel. 

  • Assessments – enabling individuals to really understand their strengths.
  • A process built around this to clarify and direct their energies.
  • Insight driven skills training to enable the people we work with.
    to perform at the same high performing level that they did within their previous role.

"I would happily call Catherine a mentor. Over the last 3 months, Catherine has been a pleasure to work with and has helped me significantly with my work as a badminton coach and with my ideas for the future.  I have always thought that I could do things on my own, but now I know that I can do better and greater things with more confidence and self-belief"

 Gail Emms, Olympic Silver Medallist, Badminton

“Thank you so much – you are an amazing sounding board and I really appreciate your time in helping me. I will definitely be recommending you.”

Pippa Wilson, Olympic Gold Medallist.