Before you can be someone, you have to know who you are.”

”Only by knowing yourself can you become an effective leader.
— Vince Lombardi



In a competitive world students, teachers and leaders must be self aware – are you? 

Our programmes help schools, colleges and universities to develop their most important asset – their people.

  • To Boldly Go – focusing on self-awareness and resilience in your students. 
  • Powering the Missing Piece – enabling sports students to realise their potential.


We help students and staff
Understand | Focus | Excel. 

  • One Team One Dream – understanding the strengths your senior leaders bring to the work place and how to utilise these behaviours best in the team.
  • Leading Successful Teams – introducing new leaders to effective people management.
  • ASIST – empowering the sports departments of schools, colleges and universities with values, resilience, and mindset concepts.

At Sport and Beyond everything we do is about developing people - your staff and your students. With our depth of experience and expertise in running programmes for organisations within education, we would like to share these ideas with your school, college and univiersity. For more information contact:

"The students were filled with self-awareness, they knew their strengths, they knew how they were unique, and they understood who they were. They have greater confidence as leaders of their teams."

 A teacher from one of our recent To Boldly Go programmes.

It’s good to see that education is interested in the individual and not just concerned about grades.”

A parent from one of our recent To Boldly Go programmes

“The programme gave me such an accurate report – it looks good on my LinkedIn and articulates, in words I had not considered, exactly who I am.”

A student from one of our recent To Boldly Go programmes.