Coaching Excellence Programme


School sport is becoming more professional than ever. Schools have put an increasing amount of time and resource into player development at the performance end.  But, as Eddie Jones (England rugby coach) has said, “it’s all about the coaches.” There is currently a gap in schools’ programmes for the development of coaches: ensuring they have the understanding and tools in place to drive high performance in a sustainable and responsible way. This Programme ensures a coaching staff that is:

  • motivated and engaged;
  • trained on some key attitude and behavioural aspects of coaching; and
  • able to apply these on a day to day basis to drive the performance of their students.


A Programme that focuses on developing coaching staff to be the best they can be. Our programme supports coaches on the behavioural and mindset aspects of coaching, equipping them with the knowledge and toolkit to drive high performance in their athletes. 


A series of short, interactive workshops that cover key areas including: knowing your strengths; resilience; and emotional intelligence.  Initial work on Core Values is also offered where appropriate.

Why Sport and Beyond

We are experts of the behavioural side of coaching and have experienced school sports staff in our team. We also work on this area in cutting edge businesses and with world class athletes.   

”Thank you so much for the training on Wednesday – you are a breath of fresh air. My team were raving about it, as were the extended Games Staff, so thank you.”

Gemma Atkins, Director of Sport, Ampleforth College.