Catherine’s desire to help people reach their full potential led her to set up Sport and Beyond. Catherine’s first job was as a tennis coach, supplementing her law studies.  She trained and qualified as a solicitor at Linklaters (an international law firm) and spent 13 years as a corporate lawyer. 

She then moved across into training and education, and on to facilitation and a focus on helping organisations get the best out of their people. Catherineis also an independent director of Parkour UK. 

All of Catherine’s experience in the working environment, in addition to her family life (she has three boys) has taught her one simple rule: understanding and self-awareness is key.  Once you have this, you can achieve more than you thought possible. Catherine is motivated by helping others, in tangible and measurable ways.  She believes that what we do at Sport and Beyond is simple, effective, even straightforward, but with the potential to make a huge difference to people’s professional lives.



Kingsley has always enjoyed working with inspirational people; Sport and Beyond enables him to do this every day.  Coming from a sporty background - where his mum enjoyed sprinting and netball and his dad is still a karate instructor - football, karate and middle distance running kept him occupied while growing up. A multitude of jobs whilst at college and university helped to instil the ‘work hard, play hard’ ethos he carries with him. 

His degree in Business Administration helped to launch his early career in marketing, the bulk of which was spent at Baker Tilly, an international firm of Accountants and Business Advisors.  Kingsley then moved into IT, project management and business consultancy, and many of the skills and lessons learnt he now uses in his role at Sport and Beyond. 

Kingsley’s motivations are to work with people to help them be more effective in what they do, his aim for the work he does at Sport and Beyond is very simple: implement the correct solutions, for the correct clients, to help them improve their lives.



Nicola’s love of horses coupled with the fact that she is a tad on the diminutive side, very competitive, and determined, meant that becoming a jockey was the perfect career choice.  She has ridden on three continents and spent most of her career in beautiful Vancouver, Canada, where she became the first female apprentice to win the British Columbian derby. 

Due to a career-ending injury, Nicola retired and returned to the UK and took up roles in sales, training and education, before joining the team at Sport and Beyond.

Nicola knows only too well that to be at the top of your game, being in peak physical shape is only half the battle; mental agility and emotional intelligence are just as important.  In a competitive arena, be it sport or business, self-awareness and positive communication are keys to success.



Nicky likes people, the idea of being alone on a desert island fills her with dread! Her first job was selling computer systems to golf clubs. From there she worked for Dun and Bradstreet the International business corporation.  Her success here came from listening to the client and knowing the products.

Changing direction from business into education when she had children, she worked as a teacher for 20 years and became Deputy Head of Middle School at Ampleforth College. Building relationships with the students and understanding them as individuals helped her greatly in education.

Throughout this Nicky plays sport, almost daily, and in 2015 became British Over 45 Master Squash Champion and 4th in the world for her age group. She coaches squash at a local level and plays tennis, skis and cycles – because she loves it!

Combining these experiences, brought Nicky to Sport and Beyond.  She uses these experiences to help drive Sport and Beyond to more people and more organisations.

We are delighted to be working with an increasing number of Associates, and will be adding their details on to the website in due course.